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Bill Traylor

My Gospel Music, Host Bill Traylor

"MY GOSPEL MUSIC" has been an ongoing work of Love and Relationships that the Host, Bill Traylor, has experienced in his 40 years of involvement in Gospel Music. Now with My Gospel Music Shop, you can share in the resources which have provided the foundation for Bill's ongoing work of Love and Relationship!

It all began with a phone call from Glen Daniels in 1980 asking Bill if he would like to host a new show being produced by Glen, his wife Johnette and son Dean called "Sing Out America". It was a ground-breaking show that was aired daily on, what was then, CBN, a 24 hour Christian Broadcasting Network. The show was a Hit and Bill's hosting and relationship with the Daniels continued for several years. Glen Daniels was a man with amazing insight regarding TV and where it was moving regarding viewership. Glen and a few other participants started what was to become a powerhouse network that focused on Country Music, CMT. Though "Sing Out America" continued for a time after the birth of CMT, it eventually reached its conclusion.

A few years later, Bill Traylor, created a record label by the name of Homeland Records featuring some of Gospel Music's most popular Artists such as The Cathedrals, The Speers, The Hemphills, The Hoppers, The Bishops and many others. With the experience and popularitly of "Sing Out America" experienced by Bill, he called his good friend Bill Gaither and asked if he would be interested in co-hosting a show that Traylor was to title, "Homeland Harmony". Bill Gaither's response was "I have been thinking about doing some TV Things so yes, let's do it". During this 2 year co-hosting arrangement, Bill Gaither produced his first of what was to become an amazing series of "Homecoming" videos that rocked the Gospel Music World. "Homeland Harmony" had the privilege of being one of the first outlets for the airing of Gaither's historic video series.

After Traylor ceased production of "Homeland Harmony", he structured an arrangement with INSP, based in Charlotte, NC, to co-produce a show titled, "Gospel Music, Southern Style". This relationship with INSP and the show continued for 12 years up until INSP changed it's format moving to classic TV and movies.

A few years went by and Traylor decided to re-create "Homeland Harmony" but under a different name, that being "SpiritFest". This new show was immediately received well by television networks with 14 major networks picking up the show and immediately airing "SpiritFest" in over 100 million households from it's debut...and then to the current and final chapter, "MY GOSPEL MUSIC".

With 40 years of relationships and experiences in Gospel Music, Traylor privately reflected on all the joys, laughter and spiritual moments he encountered over these 4 decades and said to himself, this is My Gospel Music experience and was and is grateful to all who made it possible and Eternally Grateful to our Heavenly Father for allowing him this journey. With that, a new idea formed to change "SpiritFest" to include interviews with those personalities that have impacted so many lives over the years and thus "MY GOSPEL MUSIC" was born and is now airing in over 120 Million Households across the US and hopefully, in your home as well. Thank you for joining us on this Journey.